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We thank you for looking at our site here and reading about the horses and ponies in the blog,  seeing the ones we have in at present and ones needing rehoming as they plod on their way on the road to recovery and some of the lucky few do find homes where they are loved and cherished.
We have many horses come in each year that are rescues, abandoned, neglected or simply not wanted or cannot be afforded at this time. We even have taken in some that are hard to handle. We welcome all that need our help as what would the world be if noone helped each other?
We at Seven Acre Horse Sanctuary Rescue Centre appreciate everyones words of wisdom if you would like to comment on anything please do and we always try to get back to people as quickly as possible on the submission forms.
No horse or pony is turned away and we are greatful for you reading this website as all the support they can get the better!!!
We are based in Catsfield which is near Battle in the East Sussex area.
Please feel free to contact us via email on here, facebook or twitter. Seven Acre Horse Sanctuary have a fan page on facebook! Why not add them! On twitter the horses and ponies are called 7AcreSanctuary.
We hope to see you again! Check back later for new updates to our website. There's much more to come!
Horse of the month!
Seeking a forever home..
Sophie is a 13.1/2hh new forest x mare who looks alot like a British spotted pony. She's around 12 years old and grey as you can see! She's got front shoes on at present but if hacking is off road she does have lovely hard feet. She's good in traffic and great when ridden out in company. She does not like riding out alone even though she will if your a strong rider as she can tend to nap. Her schooling needs bringing on if your wanting to do dressage and jumping. She can try it on and ask if you really want her to move! She's perfect as a lead rein. She can look after a littlen off lead rein but also great as a happy hacker for an adult. Endurance would def be a good thing for her. She comes with a saddle and bridle and an array of rugs! She needs to work as she's getting a little over weight!!! Are you the home for her??
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