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Our recommendations of great people!

Our horses and ponies that come through our gates deserve the best for rehabilition, veterinary advice, herbs everything. Each one deserves the best. Here are some of the people we use and highly recommend.
Jason Webb has helped so many of our horses in rehabiliating them from fears to not normal behaviours! Jason and his team are excellent at what they do.
Mandi Ayris is a very genuine and down to earth person who not only can tell what your horse needs and how to go about things, she talks to the horse and yourself so you feel at ease. Nothing is too big or too little for Mandi as she's worked with many of our horses here from the tiny tots all the way up to the massive giants! Shes caring and sympathetic to all here and if I could bottle Mandi I would as she's magical, and every animal she meets benefits from not just healing but so much more besides. Everything Mandi has said when it comes to our lot has been spot on. I trust Mandi's judgement when it comes to them all and I highly recommend her to anyone that needs help, healing or general advice. Shes a fantastic person.
John from Nail on Limited Co is our other farrier who deals with our shod horses that come in. His very understanding and very good at what he does.
Littlewood Fencing Ltd
North Trade Road
Battle East Sussex
TN 33 9LJ
Tel 01424 775 333
Fax 01424 775 444
Anna Blunden is a wonderful lady who has helped out so many with their pain related issues. She has magic fingers and the horses love her to bits even ones who don't like people that much!! Here is a link to her facebook page and a lot more info on there :o)
These people have been so great donating fencing and anything they can to the horses to help us to keep the fences in order!!! Thank you so much :o)
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