Seven Acre Horse Sanctuary - Our policy
Seven Acre Horse Sanctuary - Giving horses/ponies a second chance..
Our Policy
Our policy is never to put a healthy horse down or ever sell one that is part of or will be part of the sanctuary. We never sell them as what would the point be of rehabilitating them and getting them healthy to put them back on the market to go god knows where and possibly back into the same shape further down the line. We like to loan them out to homes on contracts with in a 75 mile radius so that we can keep an eye on them which is important to us. The horses and ponies are like family as we have seen them at their worst and then at their best. We do not re home horses or ponies that are not ready or that will be a danger to themselves or others. We will always be as honest as we can be with all that we know about each horse or pony.
For re homing a horse or pony to us we do ask you to sign a re homing form and to bring them with their passports. They would then become property of the sanctuary and are therefore never sold. For the lucky ones we can re home to outside homes its a bonus so that they can have constant love from a family :o)
We do not buy horses as it would take money away from the horses and ponies in our care.
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