Jacks road to recovery
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Jacks road to recovery

Jack the lad came to us in Feb 2010. He was barely 6 months old and literally dieing in front of us. He was put into a sling for 6 weeks with 24 hour care. The vet came out twice to put him to sleep as his body was shutting down but where he showed some fight left in him he was given another chance. He is such a fighter. He had a severe worm infestation as well as the severe neglect. He had organ damage from this. He had worn his baby teeth down to the gum line from trying to eat anything in his path to survive. Noone knows what horrendous conditions he went through. It took a long time for him even to get the strength to be able to get himself up. I can tell you i grew muscles i never knew i had lifting him when he could not even find that in himself.
Over a year on and jack still has many issues that we help him with every time something new crops up. He also has a new secret weapon. Nepoleon! A midi shetland (another rescue) colt who came in when he was 3 months old with his mother. Jack and Nepoleon hit it off and when Jack gets depressed he walks under jacks belly refusing to let him lay down!!!!
A before and after pic are below. One is of him after being with us for 6 weeks and his first day out of the sling and the other is as he is now Nov 2011.
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