Nelly and Nepoleon
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Nelly and Nepoleon

Nelly and Nepoleon came to us in Oct 2010. Nelly was a 13 year old midi shetland mare who was very underweight and had a 3 mth old foal at foot. He was perfect. She had given him everything and by everything where she was not getting enough food she had used all her fat reserves and then everything else to produce milk for him. She was so badly worm infested and covered in lice that the worms had manifested into something so nasty it was hard to get rid of but after alot or worm counts etc she finally crossed that line. We had to wean Nepoleon at 5mths as her weight was not coming even thou we were literally pumping her full of food. The worst part was thou that when we weaned him she went to give up and die as her liver was damaged. We gave her our all and would you believe it this little mare gave us her all back in fighting to survive. Shes got arthritic bones from everything she went through but her son is perfect. Well done Nelly :o)
Nelly as she is now on the top left and her son as he is now on the top right :o) We seem to of lost the pics of when they first came but if we do find them i shall add them :o)
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