Riddles and Mickey's road to recovery
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Riddles and Mickey's road to recovery

Riddles and Mickey came to us back in April of 2011. We came across them by accident but what a lucky accident that was! We were looking for a shetland and saw an advertisement (should of known better) and went to go and see it. We pulled up in an area that i cannot say too much about. All i can say is there were many skinny and neglected cobs. The people knew we had money on us being we were actively seeking a shetland..... As we drove in there was a blue roan yearling shut and wedged between cattle gates with wild eyes full of fear and his body was so thin and his hair standing on end. We call him Mickey Blue Eyes. Behind a tall thin mare i noticed or rather i was being starred at by another yearling black cob. He was tethered and his throat bares many scars that his windpipe is thinner then it should be. He was begging for help. We call him The Riddler......
They both came home and walked straight into the trailer knowing they were going to a better place. They both had worn baby teeth but Mickey has a receeding gum line. Their bodies were racks of ribs and covered in lice. Warts covered their faces. They were pretty sad and worn out from the struggle to live.
Mickey and Riddles were both petrified of people. People phobic if you like. Riddles came round quicker after about 6 weeks he allowed us to touch him and gently show him that not all us people will hurt him. Mickey was so much harder. With the help of our friend Mandi who came and did some natural horsemanship with him Mickey has only accepted people in the last month. Both now can be caught, tied up,  brushed and generally loved. They were such a sad sight when they came. Pics are below.
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