How the numbers keep growing......
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How the numbers keep growing......

The numbers have been growing this past month considerably. We have taken in 6 in the past 2 weeks but been lucky enough to re home 2!!! Its not always horses and ponies that are neglected or abused that come through our gates now its even ones where people can no longer afford them and do not want to put their friend out to the big bad world as they can or might be too old for being sold. Each case is unique. Here is a list of some who we have in and how they came about:
Freckles came to us 11 days ago. His story is where he was offered to someone for free who then put him out with his stallion and mares who attacked him. A couple local to us travelled and collected him and nursed him as far back to health as they could. He then was donated to the sanctuary. His age is unknown as everything about his history is lost. His face says and his teeth say possibly 18 to 20 where as the new spring in his step says about 3 to 7! lol His one gorgeous boy but his now broken winded. He still needs weight and confidence but everything takes time.
Here is a picture of freckles (top left).
A mare called Rosie came in the day before Freckles so shes been with us 12 days now. Her case was slightly different. The lady had not had her long and thought the home would be secure but because of problems at home then asked us to take her. She is 23 and an ex show jumping mare. We had to travel 107 miles to get her and then another 107 miles home!!!!!!! She is a little under weight but then its more age related then anything else being its winter as well :o)
Three days before Rosie we had Junto and Foggy come to us. They have been here for 15 days well Foggy has as junto was here for 13 days and he has already found a perfect home!!!! They came from a loving family who because of personal circumstances needed to re home them so they came to us after trying to find homes for them. Foggy is a 14.1hh new forest who is 15yrs old and a much loved older man :o) He has not been ridden for nearly 2 years as he had a habit of bucking people off. A young volunteer called tash has bonded with foggy and has ridden him once so far with no problems! But then this could just be the comfort zone til we see them lol Junto was a naughty boy as he used to chase his old owner and intimidate her with face pulling and trying to bite or kick. He was different with us he seemed to realise we would not take no prisoners and he settled into the routine pretty quick and a friend of ours came down and assessed him for her riding school that has disability children ride too he will make a great addition :o))
Here are just a few examples. Many more will follow. The latest mare in is in a poor state so til we can see how she fares we won't be adding pics so as not to jinx ourselves.
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