Winter Appeal
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Winter Appeal

Wish List for the horses and ponies for the winter of 2011 to 2012
Please help us to help the horses you don't have to donate these items but the money towards these items would be greatly appreciated. If you go to the donate page and click the donate button and even if you donate just a little we and the horses really do appreciate it. Thank you.
Hay bales (we pay £20 to £25 for large square bales)
Straw (roughly £15 for one big bale)
Pony nuts
Simple system red/green bags and top nosh (only from simple system itself. Average about £11 a bag)
Salt licks
Headcollars of all sizes
lead ropes
rugs Outdoor and stable or even fleeces from 3ft 6 to 6ft 6
any parts of bridles including bits
saddles (western pony ones too!)
saddle clothes
Fence posts (about 6ft or 5ft6 ones please) Need loads of this as we have a fence appeal running
Electric fencing all parts required please!
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