Thought, Fact and Quote for the day :o)
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Thought, Fact and Quote for the day :o)

Here are a quote , fact and thought for the day :o)
Thought 4the day: Think before you act...Horses are born with pure instinct in their bodies and minds where actions save their lives and those around them. Over the years a few of these instincts might lessen but that does come with trust. The trust that they would hold would be that you are the one that keeps them safe. Not all i am afraid are safe. They never get that chance to be able to rely o...n someone and feel comforted. Some horses spend most their lives being used as machines and passed from home to home when they can no longer win or serve the purpose they were brought for so packed off again somewhere else. It keeps going like a viscious circle. Never ending. Never knowing if you will actually be loved or somewhere to be for longer then a career. The horses and ponies do break down. Can become naughty or withdraw. Thank god there is rescue centers and people out there like yourselves that care. The strories that we hear from you are excellent! I love reading how you have helped and cherished those that got forgot. Well done to all of you :o)))) Without you and others that are like you rescue centres would be even more bursting at the seems and i am afraid some of those horses might never of even made it to the centres. Your a great lot out there and keep it up!!!!!
    Fact4 the day: The Wielkopolski is a breed of horse that was originated in Central and Western Poland in 1964, and is occasionally known as Mazursko-Poznanski.Its name derives from Wielkopolska ("Great Poland"), a region in west central Poland centred on Poznań.
    The Wielkopolski was developed by crossing two now extinct Polish breeds, the Pozan and the Mazury, so it is also referred to as... the Mazursko-Poznanski. The Pozan or Poznan horse was developed in Poland. This breed was extremely rare, and was bred at the studs at Posadowo, Racot, and Gogolewo. The Pozan was a mixture of Arabian, Thoroughbred, Trakehner, and Hanoverian bloodlines. It was a middleweight farm horse, very versatile, used for riding and agricultural work. The Mazury, also known as the Masuren was developed in Poland as a riding horse. It mainly stemmed from the Trakehner breed and when crossed with the Pozan went on to develop the Wielkopolski breed. The Mazury was bred at the stud at Liski in the Masuria region. A 1963 Polish postage stamp illustrated a Mazury.
    These two breeds formed a base, to which Thoroughbred, Arabian, and Anglo-Arabian blood was further added.
    Breed Characteristics
    Although not a well-known breed worldwide, it is used as a sport horse because of its temperament, comfortable gaits, and hardiness. Their athleticism allows for use in show jumping and eventing. They are also suitable for dressage.
    The breed is bred along two lines. One is lighter, for competitive riding. The other is heavier, and used in harness and as a riding horse.
    The Wielkopolski has a fine, small head with a straight profile and lively eyes. This is set into a strong, long neck. The horse has sloping shoulders and a deep and wide chest. It is muscular, compact, and deep in the body, with powerful hindquarters. Their legs are well muscled with long cannons and good, clearly defined joints and tendons. They can be any solid color, and usually stand between 15.2 and 16.2 hands (62 and 66 inches, 157 and 168 cm)
    There is also another Polish warmblood breed, the Małopolski, bred in the region of Małopolska ("Little Poland") in the south of the country (around Kraków). These horses are smaller and slightly less suited to showjumping than the Wielkopolski.
       Quote4 the day: "One cannot shoe a running horse."
      -Dutch Proverb
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