Thought, Quote and Fact for the day 3/12/11
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Thought, Quote and Fact for the day 3/12/11

Thought 4the day: Life.. life is a precious thing that wizzes past at a great rate of knots and before you know it in a blink things have changed and moved on. Its the same in the horses and ponies world where they age and start to get stiff the truely loved ones stay with their loved ones and become the golden oldies and rest where some simply keep going and will not give into age or ailments pretending all is ok as they are not sure of their fate. They want to keep giving so that they feel either helpful or not useless. Sounds a lot like us humans. Horses are amazing beautiful creatures that give us all so much no matter where, how or who they are.. · ·
     Fact 4the day: The Charolais or Charollais is an extinct breed of warmblood horse from the Charolais country lying around the town of Charolles, now in the Saône-et-Loire département of Burgundy, in eastern central France. Like other French warmbloods, it was the result of crossing local agricultural horses with the Thoroughbred, and was known by the name of the region without ever having a specif...ic stud-book. Like other French warmbloods including the Angevin, the Charentais, the Cheval Limousin and the Vendéen, it was fused with the Anglo-Normand in 1958 in order to create the national warmblood stud-book, the Selle français. Principally bred as a light cavalry mount, it was also used for dressage and for jumping. · ·
       Quote4 the day: A horse never runs so fast as when he has other horses to catch up and outpace.
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