Thought, quote, fact for the day 17/12/11
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Thought, quote, fact for the day 17/12/11

Quote 4the day: Let a horse whisper in your ear and breathe on your heart. You will never regret it.
Author Unknown
Fact4 the day: A Jennet or Spanish Jennet was a small Spanish horse. It was noted for a smooth naturally ambling gait, compact and well-muscled build, and a good disposition. The jennet was an ideal light riding horse, and as such spread across Europe and provided some of the foundation bloodstock for several horse breeds in the Americas.
Spanish origin of the term
 According to the 1911 Encyclopædia Britannica, Jennet referred to a small Spanish horse. The 2000 edition of the American Heritage Dictionary also defines jennet, with the alternative spelling genet, as a small Spanish saddle horse. The Jennet described a type, rather than a breed of horse, and thus is not used today; the term was in regular use during the Middle Ages to refer to a specific type of horse, usually one of Iberian or Barb extraction, often gaited.
In the etymology provided by the 1911 Encyclopædia Britannica, jennet is derived from the French genet, from Spanish jinete, a light horseman who rides à la jineta, explained as "with his legs tucked up." The term is taken to be a corruption of Zenata, a Berber tribe famed for its cavalry. English and French transferred the word from the rider to the horse, a meaning which the word has only acquired in Spain in modern times. The American Heritage Dictionary's etymology is similar, citing the Middle English genet, from Old French, from the Catalan ginet, of Arabic and, ultimately, of Berber origin.
Jennet is also an old-English girl's name, derived originally from John. Jennet Device was the name of the younger daughter of Elizabeth Device, one of the Pendle witches.
In Ireland, the word jennet is used for a hinny.
Modern descendants and recreated breeds
The modern Spanish Jennet Horse, Paso Fino and Peruvian Paso breeds probably most closely resemble the original jennet.
Thought 4the day: Say what you mean and mean what you say. We say things with our mouths and be saying something very different with our body language that will not only confuse but bewilder our horses and ponies. Our body language speaks the truth. You may be big and brave in your voice and head but your body will say hang on a minute mate i am scared!! Or i am nervous!! Horses are not nasty creatures and do not set out to hurt people they are made that way just like dogs and any other creatures. No animal is past the no return point as far as we are concerned we will help all and wait til they are ready themselves to be helped. The bond, repect and trust are whats most important and can't be built in a day :o)
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