Quote, Thought and Fact for the day 18/12/11
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Quote, Thought and Fact for the day 18/12/11

Quote 4the day: To see a horse is to see an angel on earth.
Author Unknown
Fact4 the day: The Blazer Horse is a horse breed developed back in the 1950s in northwestern United States. Tracing back to one founding stallion, this breed of horse was bred to meet demands of daily ranch work, while still being docile enough for any family member to handle.  Blazers are known for being versatile at any sport competition and having gentle and intelligent dispositions.
Breed History
The Blazer horse traces back to the chestnut stallion Little Blaze, who was foaled in 1959 and was bred and owned by Neil Hinck, the founding father of the Blazer breed. Coming from a ranch family, Neil was well aware of many horse breeds. He combined the American Quarter Horse and the Morgan Horse with blood of the American Saddlebred, and Thoroughbred to produce the strong-willed Blazer. Little Blaze himself was mainly of the Quarter and Morgan descent.
The American Blazer Horse Association was founded in 2006 for the preservation of the Blazer horse. Its stud book is still open, giving the opportunity for certain Blazer horses to be inspected and approved for registration so long as one parent is a Blazer (tracing back to Little Blaze).
Breed Characteristics
Blazer horses are usually no smaller than 13 hands and no higher than 15 hands at full maturity, and it is the standard height for the registry. Their colors include black, bay and chestnut, as well as buckskin, palomino and many shades of dun. They have a refined head, bold eyes, extreme sloping of the shoulders, short backs, round croups, long hips, and have thick bone for strength and durability.
Thought 4the day: Life is swings and roundabouts for us all if you think about it. Even horses. We are all born and we all grow and its our parents that help us to know right from wrong. Mares teach foals. Herds teach them too on what to eat where to eat and what not to eat. Its the same in the fields thou the groups that you have your youngsters with teaches them all. Its like a horsey folk law. Then us humans take over after they are weaned we teach them or like to say assist them to know more knowledge. I do believe in letting babies be babies and to let them grow up. To still handle them yes otherwise then when there bigger life can be explosive! I don't like backing horses dependong on breeds til they are 4 or 5. I know some back younger but its another saying each to their own. Noone can do right or wrong as long as the horse is happy and healthy it shows you are doing whats right. Horses teach us along the way too as we learn the quirks and i know they laugh at us lol I wouldn't have it any other way!!
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