Thought, fact and quote 4the day 20/12/11
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Thought, fact and quote 4the day 20/12/11

Quote 4the day: Before I loved horses, I had nothing to live for. Now I love horses and can't stop seeing things to live for.
By Author Unknown
Fact4 the day: The term rouncey (also spelt rouncy or rounsey) was used during the Middle Ages to refer to an ordinary, all-purpose horse. They were used for riding, but could also be trained for war. It was not unknown for them to be used as pack horses.
Use in warfare
While the destrier is the most well-known warhorse of the Medieval era, it was the least common, and coursers were often preferred for hard battles. They were both expensive, highly trained horses prized by knights and nobles, and the poorer knight, squire or man-at-arms would use a rouncey for fighting. A wealthy knight would provide rounceys for his retinue.
Sometimes the expected nature of warfare dictated the choice of horse; when a summons to war was sent out in England, in 1327, it expressly requested rounceys, for swift pursuit, rather than destriers
Thought4 the day: So a horse comes at you with its teeth and then swings its bum and then looks again at you and has its ears back... Your first reaction? Most run. Some stand in shock then leave but the some stay and ask why? Why did they do that is it anger is it fear is it something in their past that makes them think attack or be attacked? lost cause or something can be done? I have to admit most say lost cause but the special ones say i can help this horse. I stood talking to a mare yesterday morning that went at me with her teeth narrowly missing my face and then she swung her bum at me to kick so i just stood there she turned back round to ask 'why didn't you run why are you not shacking in fear?' My answer was i am not and will not be scared. Shes not a nasty mare shes misundstood. yes we have to have a sign up now saying i charge at door and bite but in time all of this will stop and calm will assend. Shes desperate for that touch desperate to be understood. Sad and lost and not sure whats next. here she will remain til shes settled and understands that nothings wrong and touching even cuddles are great. I shall be brushing her today and telling her this again and will do every day til shes raady. Horses can change just like us people. The old saying leopards never change their spots rings to mind but i believe anyone can change and be who they really want to be if they so choose to do so :o)
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