A brief update :o))
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A brief update :o))

We have gone up to 32 horses and ponies in the yard now. We had 4 in the weekend before Christmas. Charlie came from a lovely lady called Leigh who could no longer ride thru medical reasons. We travelled over 100 miles there and back to collect him but for leigh we would of travelled further as shes such a lovelly lady. Then on the sunday we were collecting 2 mares that we were told needed re homing as the man who owned them had lost his stabling. It took 3 hours and sedating one and the will power of the ladies in the yard to help load these two and then we were called back the same day in the afternoon to collect a foal that had been left there. The mares and foal need to gain some weight and simply be horses for a while before we would even reconsider re homing them if we even can. One mare is showing teeth and biting but its a bluff. In time she will settle bless her.
We are always looking for volunteers that have horsey experience. Not for riding purposes as its rare that any that come in are in a condition to be ridden!!! Its more for stable work and brushing the horses and letting them see that not everyone is out there to hurt them.
We are still after much needed funds to help raise money for the fencing :o) Every little helps :o))
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