Thought, fact and quote 4the day 30/12/11
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Thought, fact and quote 4the day 30/12/11

Quote 4the day: Your life is wasted when it’s not in the saddle.
The Skyros Pony (Greek αλογάκι της Σκύρου) is a breed of pony found on the Greek isle of Skyros.
Breed Characteristics
The Skyros breed generally stands between 9.1 and 11 hands high, and may be gray, bay, or palomino. They tend to be fairly unattractive horses, with poor conformation, although this may be a product of their native habitat. With better management and more than the subsistence diet that they normally eat in the wild, they tend to have better conformation.
As of 2001, there were ninety-three breeding mares and fifty-two studs. It is not clear if all members of the herd are pure-bred. The breed is considered by many to be endangered, although no government or international authority has made such a declaration. Nevertheless the existence of such small numbers of ponies is conducive to inbreeding and is therefore likely to endanger the ponies' survival even further.
A possible obstacle to the recovery and expansion of the herd is a ban on exportation of the animal from the island. The export of Skyros-derived hinnies or mules is not illegal, and consequently there is a great economic incentive to breed hybrids for export instead of purebred ponies to continue the bloodline. A group called the Silva Project is currently working to promote the foundation of Skyros herds elsewhere in Greece and abroad. Also another non profit organisation Hippolytus est.2010 (ελληνικά Ιππόλυτος) based in Falani Larissa is making efforts towards promoting the breed culturally and at the same time helping with its preservation.
Thought 4the day: Not long now til news years eve and the resolutions that we all give ourselves and not always stick too reguardless of how well meant they were lol Do you ever wonder if your horse has any? Do they stand there thinking about the new year ahead as they doze and think what are we going to be doing this year? Do they even notice it is a new year! I think they do as they are very intelligent creatures and tell us about season changes with their coats before we even feel a thing!!!
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