Thought, quote, fact for the day 8/1/12
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Thought, quote, fact for the day 8/1/12

Thought 4the day: I read things on here when they come through like notifications. Nine out of ten times i love reading it all but the odd time i am afraid i don't. I keep seeing things about people (not on our wall i must add) saying that horses cannot be turned back round. All horses no matter how dangerous they may seem at the time can be turned around. Its called patiance. Taking the time to w...ait and see which ways work and if you can't do it ask for help. I would recommend Jason Webb to anyone. He has helped many of our horses at the Australian Horse Training centre that he has. He is situated in Goudhurst and can make even the most severe cases turn around. Yes it does cost but if you love your friend and they are not just a toy or an aid to further your career i would send them there. Henry went there as a dangerous bucking broncho now his the leader the one who the others rely on when out and about. He still has the odd buck but its not to kill me now its enjoyment. Sausage went as she was petrified of everything and anything and would rear up if a saddle even went anywhere near her. He had her tacked up and ridden around as if not a care in the world!!! Callie was the longest one he had there as if people thought sausage was bad callie was 10x worse with nerves!!! No horse in our eyes cannot be helped. Its us humans/owners that can help them. Who else can if we don't???
Fact4 the day: Papers

Breed registries usually issue certificates for each recorded animal, called a Pedigree, Pedigreed animal documentation, or most commonly, an animal's "papers". Registration papers may consist of a simple certificate or a listing of ancestors in the animal's background, sometimes with a chart showing the lineage. Usually, there is space for the listing of successive owners,... who must sign and date the document if the animal is gifted, leased or sold. Papers transferred upon sale of an animal may be submitted to the registry in order to update the ownership information, and in most cases, the registry will then issue a new set of papers listing the new owner as the proper owner of the horse. Genuine papers are often identifiable as containing the registered name and number of the individual animal and its date of birth, the name of the attesting organization, with the logo if there is one, the name and signature of the registrar or other authorized person, and a corporate stamp or seal.

Documentation usually included on registration certificates or papers includes:

*name of sire (father) and dam (mother)
*names of other ancestors, to the number of generations required by the issuing organization
*In dogs, details of the litter this animal came from
*its colour and markings
* name, address and registered number of the breeder (often defined as the owner of the female at the time of the animal's conception or birth)
*name and address of the original owner who registered the foal.
Quote 4the day:
What delight To back the flying steed,
that challenges The wind for speed!
seems native more of air Than earth!
whose burden only lends him fire!
... Whose soul, in his task, turns labour into sport;
Who makes your pastime his! I sit him now!
He takes away my breath! He makes me reel!
I touch not earth - I see not - hear not.
All Is ecstasy of motion!
James Sheridan Knowles, The Love-Chase
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