Thought, fact and quote 4the day 14/1/12
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Thought, fact and quote 4the day 14/1/12

Thought 4the day: Ok this might not be for some people but others might. Have you ever stood somewhere alone and you know full well there is no horse or person near you yet as you bend to lock that gate you feel and sense a horse standing behind you. You hear them snort thru there nose and breath on the back of your neck yet when you turn the feeling is still there but no horse stands? Not many wi...ll admit this. I still feel my mare that i lost over 5 years ago now. Sometimes i hear her call as her whinney was distinctive like no other and no other could make it. The founder had an arabian mare put to sleep from a stroke over 13 years ago in the yard it was september. All the others were moved over to the far side while waiting for the vet to come. After she was layed to rest we were all stood sad and upset when we all heard a horse walk up the yard yet noone was there. I could go on. Loads of beautiful experiances happen out the yard. Its nice to know that they are still with us even when they are gone.
Quote 4the day: Horses seems to inspire us to wake up every day and jump into the saddle again and again. Many of these quotes express a moment in time between horse and rider. We all experience it at some point. But how lucky to be able to capture it in words.
Fact 4the day: AQPS ("Autre Que Pur-Sang"), translated as "Other than thoroughbred", is a general term used in France to refer to horses not listed as Thoroughbreds. Anglo-Arabians, Selle Français (or French Riding Horse), and French Trotters plus all other crossbreds can be qualified as AQPS. For racing purposes, each breed has its own studbook. The designation usually means one parent is not lis...ted in the Thoroughbred stud book and almost always applies to those horses with Selle Francais breeding in the dam line.

The AQPS racing breed developed around the end of the 19th century when French farmers began to cross cart horse mares with Thoroughbred stallions to produce a fast and hardy horse that has proven to be best suited for steeplechase racing. The average person most likely would not be able to see any difference between an AQPS and a Thoroughbred as evolution of the breed has resulted in AQPS horses today averaging 80 percent Thoroughbred and 20 percent French saddle-bred.

The Association des Eleveurs d'AQPS is a member partner in the French Racing and Breeding Committee (FRBC).

Probably the best-known AQPS horse in the world is Al Capone II, who won the Group One Grand Steeple-Chase de Paris in 1997 plus seven consecutive Group One Prix La Haye Jousselin steeplechase races at Auteuil Hippodrome from 1993 through 1999. His full brother The Fellow won the Prix La Haye Jousselin in 1990, the Grand Steeple-Chase de Paris in 1991 and enjoyed even greater success in England where he won the King George VI Chase in 1991 and 1992 and the Cheltenham Gold Cup in 1994.

Mon Mome, winner of The Grand National in 2009, is an AQPS horse
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