Thought, quote and fact for the day 18/1/12
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Thought, quote and fact for the day 18/1/12

Thought 4the day: Horses and ponies are a huge commitment they are there when you need them and always will be if your relationship/friendship is at its best. They can be expensive at times just like children when you get the unexpected vet bill or possibly a new saddle or even reaching out for professional help. They are unique and beautiful and they do catch us hook, line and sinker but then who... would have it any other way! We all bend over backwards for our beloved 4 legged friends. The unlucky few end up with places like us but they do find that happy ever after in time. We all love a happy ending :o) Treasure them while you have them and bow down to their beauty, elegance and understanding of us!
Fact4 the day: Abcess

Initially a swelling developing under the skin, in the early stages diffuse, hot and painful but which then becomes harder. As it matures, the swelling becomes more discrete, and then centre becomes softer and cooler and less painful. The skin over the centre becomes thinner and eventually ruptures, releasing quantities of pus; this can take 2-7 days, often with a high tempe...rature, and off his/her food; as the maturation process proceeds the horse reverts back to normal.

In most cases the result of a penetrating wound allowing a foreign material into the body, either a splinter of wood, or dirt, grass seeds or metal such as nail penetrating the foot. Some systemic infections such as strangles cause abcessation of the lumph glands.

In the early stages, to prevent an abscess from developing, it is essential to clean the wound thoroughly with an effective antiseptic preparation, paying special attention to the depth of the wound, hibitane or iodine based scrubs are best.
Quote 4the day: "Rider and horse must meet with joy and part as friends. The friendly greeting, the patting hand should never be absent when mounting and dismounting." F.v.Krane
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