fact, thought and quote for the day 2/2/12
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fact, thought and quote for the day 2/2/12

thought4 the day: not every horse that walks thru our gate is a cruelty case. We are now getting some from loving owners who want what's best for their friend. They can't bare to sell them where as we can give them security. We do not ever sell its not our policy. Lucky ones get rehomed on contract. The ridden ones get rehomed quickly but the home needs to be right. The horses happiness is our priority..
fact4 the day: cracked heels are the result of a dermatitis or infection which is situated below the back of the fetlock and between the heels. When infection extends up the leg to involve the fetlocks and the cannon, it is usually called mud fever.
quote4 the day: treat everyone how you want to be treated including horses!!!
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