Thought, quote and fact for the day 13/2/12
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Thought, quote and fact for the day 13/2/12

Thought 4the day: Whats a match? Is it both are fine and unique or both opposites? There is no match when it comes to horses its a bond that comes in time. Some click instantly and the connection is made and just needs building on. Others never connect as they are just right for one another. It can come in time with persistance and love and devotion. Never give up. If you do the horse/pony is sure... to turn around and say told you so! There is alot of horses and ponies being sold at the moment but there is no market. Horses that are worth so much are going for pennies. Its horrible all round as some are having to rehome their best friend. We have taken in a few as these horses and ponies are easier to rehome then the ones that come in needing help. Jackpot for example was here only a few days and had a lovely person wanting to come and meet him. They have now met and instantly liked each other! He is having his check done this week and then if all good will go to his home! Others that have been waiting for homes for quite a while are still here. Their time will come its just waiting for that right person til then we will love them and cherish them and continue to help them as and how we can :o)
Fact4 the day: The equine eye is the largest of any land mammal. Its visual abilities are directly related to the animal's behavior and the fact that the horse is a flight animal. Both the strengths and weaknesses of the horse's visual abilities should be taken into consideration when training the animal, as an understanding of the horse's eye can help to discover why the animal behaves the way he... does in various situations.
The anatomy of the equine eye
The equine eye includes the eyeball and the surrounding muscles and structures around the eyeball, termed the adnexa.
The eyeball
The eyeball of the horse is not perfectly spherical, but rather is flattened anterior to posterior. However, research has found that the horse does not have a ramped retina, as was once thought.
The wall of the eye is made up of three layers: the internal or nervous tunic, the vascular tunic, and the fibrous tunic
Quote 4the day: You took care of your horse, and your horse took care of you.
Elton Gallegly
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