Fact, thought and quote for the day 18/2/12
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Fact, thought and quote for the day 18/2/12

Thought4 the day: when does a bond come? I have witnessed instant connections to ones that can take years where the horse holds back and the owner runs in circles trying to gain trust. It does come but be patient! Horses have a great sense of humour. Henry once stood by a puddle stood on hannah foot then shoved her sideways so she sat in the puddle!! He was definitely laughing! What has your horse done to you?
Fact4 the day: the kabardins prowess at carrying a rider safely over mountainous terrain is legendary. It will pick its way unerringly over narrow, rocky mountain tracks with all the assurance of a mountain goat and has an uncanny ability to find its way in the mist or dark!
quote 4the day: horse and hoof, hoof and horse they both come together...
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