Fact, quote and thought for the day 2/3/12
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Fact, quote and thought for the day 2/3/12

Quote4the day: life is what you make it so make it how you want it but take your four legged friends with you :o)
Fact4the day: tree or treeless? Everyone has their own opinion in what and how they like to ride and what with. Horses and ponies change shape so constant checks need to be made so that no pressure sores etc appear.
Thought4the day: each day is different in many ways out the yard. Over tha past week now puzzle talks to me, calls me and even touches me. Facial expressions are getting softer and she loves her scratches. They all can change over time it is just time that is needed. I used to compete doing egb on henry but now time is limited and henry's leg doesn't hold up. He prefers the quiet life now :o) we all change
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