Thought, quote and fact for the day 4/3/12
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Thought, quote and fact for the day 4/3/12

Quote 4the day: Life is swings and roundabouts hold on... this could mean your 4 legged friend too!!
Fact4 the day: Colitis x- an acute usually fatal disease of adult horses considered to be associated with stress.
Of sudden onset, typical by an acutely depressed horse with discoloured mucous membranes. In the early stages the pulse and body temp are high, but the temp soon falls to subnormal levelsas shock intervenes. Death often occurs at this stage, but if the horse survives for more then a fe...w hours, a profuse watery diarrhoea develops. Mortalilty rate is 100%.
The exact cause in unknown but it has been associated with stress. Cases are sporadic and have followed extended surgery, or a long course of treatment with oral antibiotics, especially of the tetracycline group.
Unrewardingly; prompt fluid therapy, and high doses of corticosteroid so as to combat the shock may help.
Thought 4the day: Each day is different even with the same horse or pony. No two days are ever the same. It doesn't have to be anything bad it can all be good but just different. Some days they might call toy ou and meet you at the gate others they might ignore you and make you chase them as a game of catch me if you can!!! Don't you just love them no matter what they throw at you! I know i do :o))
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