Thought, fact and quote for the day 7/3/12
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Thought, fact and quote for the day 7/3/12

Thought 4the day: Have you ever wondered why sometimes horses stop, stare and listen? It could be from something quite a distance away or something really close.. I had a mare years ago that would stare at sheep in the distance and snort like they were going to eat her! She would snort and try to turn and run! Henry does not like donkeys as soon as he smells them he wants to turn and go home but we do get past :o) Horses can have irrational phobias fears just like us. What is your horses? If you think about we all have to have something! Miine personally is spiders!!!
Fact 4the day: Horses Learn Differently Than Humans
The horse brain is structured differently than the human brain, which might explain some of the frustration people encounter when they try to use human logic in training.

The horse has a far smaller ratio of brain size to body size than the human. Much of the human's comparatively large brain is dedicated to the cerebrum, which processes thought... and controls memory, communication and association. The horse's brain, however, is largely cerebellum, the part that is responsible for gross muscle coordination, balance and body functions, and thought to be involved in learning patterns of movement .

During a training session, the horse cannot be counted on to interpret and reason through a skill. Horses learn by repetition and drill, and come to associate cues with movements.

In the human brain, there is a mass of neural fibres that connect and communicate between the two hemispheres of the brain. Previously, researchers thought that there were relatively few of these connective fibres in the equine brain, which suggested there was also less transfer of information from one side to the other . This hypothesis has been discounted . The new research, however, does not explain why:

a horse suddenly spooks at an object that he's passed by multiple times going in one direction when asked to travel by it going the other way.
when a horse has mastered the turn on the haunches to the right, the turn to the left seems to be a completely new skill to him.

Horses must be schooled equally on both sides of the body. Little time is saved when schooling the second side.

The next time you think - My horse is having a bad day; my horse is just stubborn; our personalities clash - remember: Horses and humans are wired differently.

Try thinking like a horse!
Quote 4the day: ride like you love them, love them like you ride them...
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