Thought, fact and quote for the day 8/3/12
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Thought, fact and quote for the day 8/3/12

Quote 4the day: Half the failures of this world arise from pulling in one's horse as he is leaping.
- Augustus Hare
Fact4 the day: Respiratory system and smell

The horse's respiratory system consists of the nostrils, pharynx, larynx, trachea, diaphragm, and lungs. Additionally, the nasolacrimal duct and sinuses are connected to the nasal passage. The horse's respiratory system not only allows the animal to breathe, but also is important in the horse's sense of smell (olfactory ability) as well as in communica...ting. The soft palate blocks off the pharynx from the mouth (oral cavity) of the horse, except when swallowing. This helps prevent the horse from inhaling food, but also means that a horse cannot use its mouth to breathe when in respiratory distress—a horse can only breathe through its nostrils. For this same reason, horses also cannot pant as a method of thermoregulation. The genus Equus also has a unique part of the respiratory system called the guttural pouch, which is thought to equalize air pressure on the tympanic membrane.Located between the mandibles but below the occiput, it fills with air when the horse swallows or exhales.
Thought 4the day: Life is constant. Things can be rewarding and at other times sent to test us. When one mare came in i never would of thought that i would be able to touch her, rug her up and yesterday forget who she was and actually lean on her while on the phone as she stood eating her lunch! She still has a long way to go but i will be by her side each and every step she takes to help her. Shes changed so much of late that shes wedging herself well and truely in our hearts :o) I wouldn't have it any other way! How has your friend impacted on your life and why?
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