Thought, fact and thought for the day 15/3/12
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Thought, fact and thought for the day 15/3/12

Thought 4the day: Do you know when your friend is off colour? Is it obvious, a feeling deep down or you just simply know? Some horses are made of strong stuff and will grin and bare things where as others are very sensitive and the slightest thing is catastrophic! We have many different types out the yard. Henry my big boy soldiers on reguardless no matter what he has been thought or anything that... happens to them. Then we have Chance he will physically cry literally tears if he even gets a pin prick. Ed the other day had the farrier out and he somehow caught his OSH just a pin prick but it bled quite a bit and he still was offering his leg to the farrier for his shoes to be sorted! What a strong young man! What are your four legged friends like?
Quote 4the day: My horse teaches me everything that I need to know about myself.
Fact 4the day: The frog

The frog is a V shaped structure that extends forwards across about two-thirds of the sole. Its thickness grows from the front to the back and, at the back, it merges with the heel periople. In its midline, it has a central groove (sulcus), that extends up between the bulbs.

It is dark gray-blackish in color and of a rubbery consistency, suggesting its role as shock abs...orber and grip tool on hard, smooth ground. Actually, the frog acts like a pump to move the blood back to the heart, a great distance from the relatively thin leg to the main organ of the circulatory system.

In the stabled horse, the frog does not wear, but degrades, due to bacterial and fungal activity, to an irregular, soft, slashed surface. In the free-roaming horse, it hardens into a callous consistency with a near-smooth surface.

It is anatomically analogous to the human fingertip.
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