Thought, fact and quote for the day 16/03/2012
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Thought, fact and quote for the day 16/03/2012

Thought 4the day: Every day is different with a horse or pony they can also be different for each person to ride. No two people are the same and no two horses or ponies are the same! If you have a hot seat you can wind up the most placid horse without doing anything!! I know that one trust me! One example is my daughters pony Rosie shes 17 and an absolute angel for my daughter. Never puts a foot wrong and takes everything in her stride as they amble about together. Then if i get on her she tries to job, little fly bucks and wants to just take everything faster! Shes been with us 13 years. I had her before i handed her down to my eldest daughter 7 years ago. She was always a handful for me but then Jazmine can sit on her bareback anywhere even in a headcollar to steer, sit on her backwards, slide off her bum, go under her belly and more! What are your friends like with different people??
Fact 4the day: The sole

The sole has a whitish-yellowish, sometimes grayish color. It covers the whole space from the perimeter of the wall to the bars and the frog, on the underside of the hoof. Its deep layer has a compact, waxy character and it is called 'live sole'. Its surface is variable in character as a result of ground contact. If there is no contact, as in shod hooves or when the walls... are too long or the movement poor, the lower surface of the sole has a crumbly consistency, and it is easily abraded by scratching it with a hoofpick. Conversely, it has a very hard consistency, with a smooth, bright surface, when there is a consistent, active contact with the ground. The front portion beneath the front of the pedal bone is called the 'sole callus'.

A stone bruise affects the sole of the horse's foot. It is often caused by a horse treading on a stone or sharp type of object, landings from high jumps and excessive exposure to snow. A major symptom is lameness.
Quote4 the day: a horse is your best friend you can tell them anything and no one will ever know apart from all the other horses!!!!
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