Thought, quote and fact for the day 18/3/12
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Thought, quote and fact for the day 18/3/12

Thought 4the day: i was sitting thinking yesterday and something actually made me think! When we buy or loan a horse we as in everyone normally get them home, let them settle in and then maybe ride them in a few days time. After all new place and people. Yet when we take our horses to shows to places they have never been and its all new we unload them, sort them, show them as in ride etc possibly jumping and then go home....... aren't these two similar in some ways? lol
Fact 4the day: The bars

Bars are the inward folds of the wall, originating from the heels at an abrupt angle. The strong structure built up by the extremity of the heel and of the bar is named the 'heel buttress'. The sole between the heel walls and the bars is named the 'seat of corn', and it is a very important landmark used by natural hoof trimmers to evaluate the correct heel height. The bars have a three-layer structure, just like the walls. When overgrown, they bend outwards and cover the lower surface of the sole.
Quote 4the day: When people say it’s JUST a horse, they JUST don’t understand….
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