Thought, fact and quote for the day 19/3/12
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Thought, fact and quote for the day 19/3/12

Thought 4the day: Each horse i asessed yesterday is and was different. There was nothing similar about any of them what so ever! Murphy is a confident regal man who strides out bless him not letting anything phase him. Fallon is insecure and needs constant reassurance. Bumble is impatiant which with her hormone imbalance would not help her bless her. She strode out with pride when Harmonie sat on ...her. Shes one forward going very sweet mare. Brakes to die for! Wouldn't life be boring if all horses and ponies were the same and had no quirks to play with? I in all my life have never had a "normal" horse. What is one? Is your horse normal or quirky? My three all have quirks lol and bless them for it!
Quote 4the day: Your horse is your best friend:
He listens to you and don’t forget you’re supposed to listen to him too.......
Fact 4the day: Internal structures of the hoof

Sagittal section of a wild horse hoof. Pink: soft tissues; light gray: bones (P2, P3 and navicular bone); blue: tendons; red: corium; yellow: digital cushion; dark gray: frog; orange: sole; brown: walls)
The third phalanx (coffin bone; pedal bone; P3;) is completely (or almost completely) covered by the hoof capsule. It has a crescent shape and a l...ower cup-like concavity. Its external surface mirrors the wall's shape. The corium, a dermo-epidermal, highly vascularized layer between the wall and the coffin bone, has a parallel, laminar shape, and is named the laminae. Laminar connection has a key role in the strength and the health of the hoof. Beneath the rear part of the sole, there is the digital cushion, which separates the frog and the bulb from underlying tendons, joints and bones, providing cushioning protection. In foals and yearlings, the digital cushion is composed of fibro-fatty, soft tissue. In the adult horse, it hardens into a fibro cartilagineous tissue when sufficient, consistent concussion stimulates the back of the hoof. Normal transformation of the digital cushion into fibrocartilagineous tissue is now considered a key goal, both for prevention of, and for rehabilitation of recovering cases of navicular syndrome . The flexor tendon lays deeper, just along the posterior surface of the small pastern bone (PII) and navicular bone, and it connects with posterior surface of P3; the navicular functions as a pulley.
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