Thought, fact and quote for the day 26/3/12
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Thought, fact and quote for the day 26/3/12

Thought 4the day: Trust? What is it? Is it where your horse does as you ask all the time or when something scares them and they trust your touch, voice and commands to go past? It could be either but i do think its alot more of the second even thou the first is a bonus. Trust is fragile it can take a long time to build yet a fraction of a second to break. Its a fragile thing yet can be a strong bond when there. Cinfused? Try being a horse!!! We can give mixed signals with our body and our words :o)
Fact4 the day: Investigating the World
Although the horses usual first response to unfamiliar things is flight, its second response is usually curiosity. Horses use all their senses to investigate their world, and during investigation, they tend to be very alert, excitable, and ready to flee at any hint of danger. After all, there could be a predator hiding in the investigated object.
Curiosity part of the horses natural behavior, and managers must take steps to reduce accidents resulting from curiosity. Pastures should be kept clear of farm equipment, trash, and junk piles, and pasture fences should be well maintained and constructed of the safest material available. Installing electrical tape inside existing fences is a good safety feature because it teaches curious horses to stay away from the fences. Keep gates, feed rooms, and stall doors securely fastened, and remove halters when horses are stalled or turned out. When a curious horse does get in a potentially dangerous situation, calm, methodical handling will reduce the horses tendency to panic and flee.
Quote 4the day: Horses: A wild heart but a loving soul!!
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