Thought, fact and quote for the day 2/4/12
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Thought, fact and quote for the day 2/4/12

Thought 4the day: Sometimes in life horses come along and you think that they will stay with us for a while yet they might surprise us and pass all assessments or gain that weight and be ready before we know it where as others that you might think will pass those assessments fail and need some work. We never just rehome for space they have to be ready as what would the point be they would come bac...k! We idealy don't want them to come back but be happy and loved. We are always their safety blanket and alwayus will be so that if anything does go wrong (god forbid) we can help them find another home after working with them again. Horses are our lives and our passion and our passion makes life worth while. We laugh with them and cry with them and at times mourn for them. All they deserve and ask for is repsect, love and happiness and thats what we can give in abundance.
Quote 4the day: Bite or fight? How about Carrot and a huge fuss??
Fact 4the day: Markings on horses usually are distinctive white areas on an otherwise dark base coat color. Most horses have some markings, and they help to identify the horse as a unique individual. Markings are present at birth and do not change over the course of the horse's life. Most markings have pink skin underneath most of the white hairs, though a few faint markings may occasionally have ...white hair with no underlying pink skin. Markings may appear to change slightly when a horse grows or sheds its winter coat, however the difference is simply a factor of hair coat length, the underlying design does not change.

On a grey horse, markings visible at birth may become hidden as the horse turns white with age, but markings can still be determined by trimming the horse's hair closely, then wetting down the coat to see where there is pink skin and black skin under the hair.
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