THought, fact and quote for the day 7/4/12
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THought, fact and quote for the day 7/4/12

Thought 4the day: When you know something is not right yet you can't put your finger on it? How often can you tell your friend is not quite on par for the day that it could be the slightest thing. For two days now i have noticed and felt that danny is not quite right. He has gone from sound to lame and back again. When he came in he had a wound to his NSH that was a surface wound. Quite large. We ...put him onto some herbal anti inflams and mild pain relief also herbal to help him. But still something was not quite right. I was cleaning his wound yesterday and i had noticed the last two days his glands were coming up so he was fighting an infection somewhere just god knows where as the leg was clean. Then the puss came thank god. Not that i should be greatful for it but at least i can tell why, where and how. His now on antibiotics from our vet as well as the herbals for pain and anti inflam. His such a sensitive boy but i would rather he was then a tough nut who hides everything!! Is your friend a tough nut or sensitive soul??
Quote 4the day: strength lies within the heart but the strengh to trust lies between the horse and his rider....
Fact4 the day: More colours!
**Roan: a color pattern that causes white hairs to be evenly intermixed within the horse's body color. Roans are distinguishable from greys because roans typically do not change color in their lifetimes, unlike gray that gradually gets lighter as a horse ages. Roans also have heads that are either solid-colored or much darker than their body hair, and do not lighten. V...ariations of roan include: Red Roan: A chestnut base coat with roaning pattern with the mane and tail being the same red as the body. Red roans are also commonly referred to as a Strawberry Roan, and the term Red Roan is occasionally is used to describe a Bay Roan.
**Bay Roan: A Bay base coat with roaning pattern (the mane and tail of the Bay Roan will be Black). Bay roans are sometimes also called Red Roans.
**Blue Roan: A black with roaning pattern, not to be confused with a gray or a blue dun/grullo. A roan tends to have a darker head, while grays not only lighten with age, but their heads tend to lighten before the rest of their bodies. A blue roan has mixed-color hairs, a blue dun will usually be a solid color and have dun striping.
**Silver dapple horses Silver dapple: Caused by a dilution gene that only acts upon black hair pigment, it lightens black body hair to a chocolate brown and the mane and tail to silver. The gene may be carried but will not be visible on horses with a red base coat. Silver dapple horses may also be called Chocolate, Flax, or Taffy.
**Smoky black: Horse visually appears to be either a black with a mildly bleached-out coat or a dull dark bay, but is actually has a black base coat and one copy of the cream gene.
**Smoky Cream: Virtually indistinguishable from a cremello or perlino without DNA testing, a horse with a black base coat and two copies of the cream gene.
**White : One of the rarest colors, a white horse has white hair and fully or largely unpigmented (pink) skin. These horses are born white, with blue or brown eyes, and remain white for life. The vast majority of so-called "white" horses are actually grays with a fully white hair coat. A truly white horse that lives to adulthood occurs one of two ways: either by inheriting one copy of a dominant white ("W") gene, of which several have been identified, or is a particular type of sabino that is homozygous for the "SB-1" gene. However, a foal with the genetic disease known as Lethal white syndrome dies shortly after birth. There are no "albinos" in the horse world. Albino, defined as animals with a white coat with pink skin and reddish eyes, is created by genetic mechanisms that do not exist in horses. In some cases, homozygous dominant white is thought to be an embryonic lethal, though this has not been established for all white horses.
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