Thought, fact and quote for the day 9/4/12
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Thought, fact and quote for the day 9/4/12

Thought 4the day: Help those around you and in your time of need they will help you too.. Horses are helping people more then we realise every day. They can give is confidence as well as take it away lol They teach us how to be responsible, to love, to understand and so so much more. I have seen people help horses and ponies for years and also horses and ponies help people with low self condifidence, illness, autism you name it and they help. It can be to simply be touched it can be how they interact. It can be them just standing still and being brushed. Horses are unique beautiful magestic creatures that do make this world go round..
Quote 4the day: No hoof no horse, no horse no friend, no friend no love, no love no trust....horses are unique and give us everything just for us treating them as we should...
Fact4 the day: Equine coat colour genetics determine a horse's coat colour. There are many different coat colours possible, but all colours are produced by the action of only a few different genes. The simplest genetic default colour of all domesticated horses can be described as either "red" or "non-red", depending on whether a gene known as the "Extension" gene is present . When no other genes active, a "red" horse is the colour popularly known as a chestnut. Black coat colour occurs when the Extension gene is present, but no other genes are acting on coat colour.The Agouti gene can be recognized only in "non-red" horses; it determines whether black colour is uniform, creating a black horse, or limited to the extremities of the body, creating a bay horse.

Chestnut, black, and bay are considered the three "base" colours that all remaining coat colour genes act upon. There are a number of dilution genes that lighten these three colours in a variety of ways, sometimes affecting skin and eyes as well as hair coat. Genes that affect the distribution of white and pigmented coat, skin and eye colour create patterns such as roan, pinto, leopard, white, and even white markings. Some of these patterns may be the result of a single gene, others may be influenced by multiple alleles, Finally the grey gene, which acts differently from other coat colour genes, slowly lightens any other hair coat colour to white over a period of years, without changing skin or eye colour.
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