Thought, fact and quote for the day 15/4/12
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Thought, fact and quote for the day 15/4/12

Thought 4the day: To think is to feel, to feel it to open up inside, to open up inside is to be honest and true... horses and ponies open up to all of us even those that not in a million years we could or would of imagined that they would. Horses and ponies can read us humans like a book and so they should. They read our body language, mannerisms and tone of voice with so much more. Most of us can... do or be the same with our four legged friends from the twitch of an ear to quivering of the skin. One horse i never thought i would ever be able to get close to because her personal protection walls were built so high and so solid now with help follows us around and she asks for fusses, to be brushed and to simply just be touched and even lent on in contemplation of our next move. She still pulls faces this is the last way she has to protect all she is and can be and in time this will stop. Shes an angel inside she just needed releasing :o) Our four legged friends are more then just friends they are family. Worth all the blood and sweat and yet so much more. Treasure them and cherish them.
Quote 4the day: To hear is to see, to open your heart is to touch, to be honest is being true..all these qualities horses and ponies have yet we still need to learn but we can learn from them..
Fact 4the day: The chestnut, also known as a night eye, is a callousity on the body of a horse or other equine, found on the inner side of the leg above the knee on the foreleg and, if present, below the hock on the hind leg.

Chestnuts vary in size and shape and are sometimes compared to the fingerprints in humans. For purposes of identification some breed registries require photographs of them among other individual characteristics. However, because chestnuts grow over time and horse grooms often peel or trim off the outer layers for neatness, their appearance is subject to change
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