Thought, quote and fact for the day 26/4/12
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Thought, quote and fact for the day 26/4/12

Thought 4the day: Life at times is there to throw you a curve ball and you might not see it coming and it could hit you hard! Horses and ponies can be one curve ball you might go out looking to buy one and have some type set on your mind but then you meet one that is not what fits the bill but your heart over rules your head! I find its these horses and ponies that give you more as the bond once established is unbreakable!!!!!
Fact4 the day: Horses will avoid toxic plants providing they have sufficient grazing, but if they are very hungry, they will graze on almost anything that appears edible. Horses can also accidentally ingest toxic plants and they can acquire a taste for some, such as acorns and dried ragwort in hay.

Younger and curious horses are more likely to sample their environment, and at certain times of th...e year toxic plants can be more lush and attractive than the native grasses which surround them. Horses under stress can also be more susceptible to relatively low levels of toxicity.

Plants you may consider a nuisance near your home may be quite toxic near your horse. Hungry horses turned out under oak trees have been known to eat huge quantities of acorns, which are generally not a problem when consumed in small quantities, and the sudden loading of such unusual food can have fatal consequences.

Some plants, such as oleanders, are so toxic that only a few leaves can result in a horses death. Even the smoke from burning oleander trimmings can be harmful. Locoweed is addictive and most horses tend to avoid it, but once they have sampled it a few times, they often develop a craving for it and seek it out, eventually suffering neurological damage as a result.
Quote 4the day: To kick your horse is to kick your friend now would you do that?
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