Thought, fact and quote for the day 2/5/12
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Thought, fact and quote for the day 2/5/12

Thought 4the day: We have met many people on our journey over the years and none never the same. I have seen people back horses or offer to help and i have had to shake my head and turn away asking them to stop as its not right or correct for that certain horse/pony. I met Jason Webb over 6 years ago now. I had never seen him work but the vibes were right so he had one of my horses to sort out. His methods are methodical and logical and above all if its a word horseicle! The horses flourish and excel with him and its not something the owners can't work with either its horse sense! I loved watching Jason and his team yesterday and chatting to Sarah :o) Was nice getting a morning off!! We have one booked in to go their around mid may to help him so that he can find a home. I trust and admire all they do and reccomend them to everyone i see that needs help :o)
Fact 4the day: The yew is a small evergreen tree and all parts of the yew are highly toxic and contain taxine, a cardiac depressant.

Symptoms include trembling, a slowing of the heart rate and cardiac failure which can occur in as little as five minutes after ingesting the plant. Some deceased horses were found with yew leaves or twigs still in their mouths.

There is usually no time to initiate treatment and there is no known antidote.
Quote 4the day: eat, ride, sleep, dream of riding!!
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