Thought, quote and fact for the day 6/5/12
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Thought, quote and fact for the day 6/5/12

Thought 4the day: Sometimes in life we are sent trials and tests not just at school or work but by who we meet or help. Nothing is ever the same each time its different but each time its worth every second of our time and brain power. I have never been as pleased to see how resiliant horses and ponies can be and how they adjust, adapt and move on. They are unique and forgiving and live in the now not the past the only reason the past stays with them is if we cling to it for them.
Fact 4the day: Ground ivy, commonly called Creeping Charlie, is present throughout much of North America. Horses must ingest relatively large amounts for fatal consequences to occur, and such events are commonly traced to the plant being baled into the horse's feed.

When ground ivy is present or suspected, consider unusually severe sweating accompanied by frothing at the mouth and / or difficulty breathing as signs of potential ground ivy poisoning.
Quote 4the day: No heart and soul is a pure of those as our four legged friends..
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