Thought. fact and quote for the day 10/5/12
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Thought. fact and quote for the day 10/5/12

Thought 4the day: Things are never as straight forward as they seem or are they? Horses and ponies adjust to whatever is thrown at them and simply lift their head high and carry on in life. Horses only dwell in the past if we make them relive it or keep living it for them. They live in the now. Puzzle is a reformed character and a beautiful mare to be around. She came in full of anger and could not be touched or stabled. Now shes stabeld, wearing a stable rug, gets brushed, headcollar on and off and even tied up outside and waits patiently! If they can change why can't we change to help them?
Fact 4the day: Adonis is a genus of about 20-30 species of flowering plants of the family Ranunculaceae, native to Europe and Asia.

The species grow to 10-40 cm in height, with feathery, finely divided leaves. Their flowers are red, yellow or orange and have 5-30 petals.
Quote 4the day: a horse is for life not just its career..
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