Quote, thought and fact for the day 17/5/12
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Quote, thought and fact for the day 17/5/12

Thought 4the day: Does it really matter what the horse looks like on the outside surely its whats on the inside that counts? The bond you form, the trust thats built and the love that blossoms? Looks seem to be a huge thing but not to us. To me the outside is the shell and the inside is the be all and end all. The horse within and the charctor that comes out in time is what i look for. Horses are true and genuine and above all what you see is what you get. They don't lie or twist the truth they give you what they can and nothing more or nothing less. They are truely wonderful majestic animals :o)
Fact 4the day: Tetanus(lockjaw) - is a bacteria that enters the body at the sight of a wound or the umbilical cord stump in a foal. Its symptoms are early signs of colic and stiffness. Horses will develop spasms in the jaw, neck, hind legs and muscles around the wound.

If this disease goes untreated, as it worsens, the horse will develop labored breathing. Stiffness develops in the front and hind... legs. The tail is held out stiffly, ears are erect and nostrils will be flared. The jaws will contract so that the horse is unable to open his mouth. In the final stage, the horse will lie down and die of respiratory paralysis.

Treatment: The wound must be opened widely, removing all infected tissue. It must be washed thoroughly and penicillin injected into the wound. Wounds must be left open to allow for drainage.

Prevention: Thoroughly clean and treat all new wounds. This will prevent most cases of tetanus. Foals should be given a tetanus shot when they are born.
Quote 4the day: Love shows no bounds nor will your four legged friend when they love and trust you. The world will yours :o)
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