Thought, fact and quote for the day 11/6/12
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Thought, fact and quote for the day 11/6/12

Thought 4the day: Sometimes in life things are sent to test us and it can be monotonous, continuous or may feel like it. You sometimes don't realise that the good does out weight the bad you just need to sit back and think about it to see it. Everyone is a survivor as everyone goes through so much in their lives. It can be that you get a few years grace from the harshness of reality and then thing...s start again. Now if you read this thought it could go to human or horse. We are very similar in many ways as we all love, have feelings and a ticking brain with so much more hidden under those depths. Life as they say is what you make it and how you deal with it. We as humans can express this where as our four legged friends need us to listen but i know that your all very well tuned in or getting there with all your friends :o))
Fact 4the day: Inflammatory Airway Disease (or IAD) is a severe respiratory condition that affects horses of all types, including race, show or work horses. However, horses that spend most of their time in a stable are most prone to contracting IAD.

Horses with IAD may appear otherwise normal, but have slight loss in performance or energy. Excessive coughing, nasal discharge and large ...amounts of mucus in the airway are also noticed in horses with IAD.

The cause of Inflammatory Airway Disease is unknown. There is no single issue that has been known to directly attribute to IAD, however, athletic and work horses, or horses that are exposed to the dust in their stables for an extended period of time, are more prone to contracting IAD. It is also thought that prolonged exposure to certain bacteria and its resulting infection may have something to do with the development of IAD.

Typically, your veterinarian will perform an endoscopic examination on the horse. If its airways are filled with an overabundance of mucus, they will assess the horse's other clinical symptoms and confirm -- or deny -- the diagnosis of Inflammatory Airway Disease.

Treatment for Inflammatory Airway Disease is fairly simple. In most cases, a regimen of antibiotics should help to clear up the infection. Bronchodilators and certain other drugs may also be used, especially medication designed to clear up the mucus in the animal's airway.

Living and Management
According to research, once horses with Inflammatory Airway Disease are removed from their stables, they show a dramatic improvement in their condition. This is often associated with the high amounts of dust found in stables. Consult your veterinarian if this will benefit your horse.

Inflammatory Airway Disease is not something that a horse can be immunized against. On the other hand, there are ways of ensuring that your horse is not at high risk for this condition. And allowing them to be let out to pasture as often as possible is the best and most promising way to go about avoiding IAD.
Quote 4the day: Day dream in style while riding your horse..
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