Thought, fact and quote for the day 15/6/12
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Thought, fact and quote for the day 15/6/12

Quote 4the day: So many gadgets when it comes to horses. Just throw them out the window and start from scratch...
Fact 4the day Azoturia


Usually appears in horses on hard feed after a few days idleness or rest, especially in cold, frosty and windy weather, more common among mares.

Horse becomes stiff behind, proppy, lame, drops the hindquarters. If forced to move on, will go down, losing all control of the hindquarters, which become very hard to the touch. Sweats and blows profusely, great pain, urine becomes thick and darkly discoloured like coffee.
When symptoms are first noticed immediately stop exercising or working the horse, give enemas of hot soap suds, use a catheter where necessary.
Thought 4the day: A lesson learnt the first time is so much easier when learnt the second time. Over the past 6 if not slightly more months we have been playing with one mare and manners have become great. Space is given and you can even walk away. Along the road one thing changed and it was a simple thing where when she attempted to own a person by cutting them up demanding more attention they gave it and the lessons on space and respect went out the window. This had taken months for her to learn. This time its only taken a few weeks. Shes now back to being mindful and respectful. Lessons can take a while yet breaking them can take seconds.
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