Thought, fact and quote for the day 21/6/12
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Thought, fact and quote for the day 21/6/12

Thought 4the day: Sometimes in life we are hit hard in the heart with the loss of a 4 legged friend. It literally will tear your heart out and the reasons can not always be known or found out depending on what is going on. The way we should look at this is that this beautiful majestic creature helped us to love and open our hearts to love. To care and be there for them. Responsability by caring fo...r them and taking care of their every need. Commitment by staying with them and caring for them every day. I could go on but then we all know these wonderful creatures bless us with so much and make us flourish as they flourish. We feel their loss hard as we all do and as do our wonderful foster parents that help us. The only way i can see and say this is that no matter how short or long they were loved and taught us to love. Bless them.
Quote 4the day: Horses are our pathway to maturity and love...
Fact 4the day: Neurological Virus in Horses
Borna Disease
Borna is a viral disease that occurs in horses (and other warm-blooded animals). It is predominantly a disease found in European and Middle Eastern countries, although it has been seen in the United States. The Borna disease virus (BDV) causes neurological problems and is fatal in many horses.

Symptoms and Types
... •Lethargy
•Poor coordination
•Strange behavior (e.g., head-pressing or found in dark corners)

Horses will usually contract BDV through contaminated food, although exposure to contaminated saliva or nasal secretions can also lead to infection.

A battery of tests may be used to diagnose BDV in a horse. Also, this neurological condition can remain incubated for up to three months, so symptoms may have progressed quite far before a diagnosis is made.

There is no specific treatment for BDV at this time. However, studies have been conducted to isolate the virus and progress is being made towards better treatment options.

Living and Management
In most cases, BDV is fatal in horses but those who do survive have permanent side effects from this debilitating condition, such as reduced brain function.
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