Fact, quote and thought for the day 29/6/12
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Fact, quote and thought for the day 29/6/12

Fact 4the day: Retained Dental Cap in Horses
Failure of Deciduous Caps to Shed in Horses
From the first to fourth years of life, the permanent teeth begin to grow in, but in order for them to grow in normally, the deciduous teeth, called caps, must shed. A failure of the caps to shed can result in the permanent teeth growing in at an abnormal angle, uneven surfaces of the teeth opposite to the un...shed cap, or failure of the permanent tooth to grow in at all.
If your horse is showing any symptoms of dental problems, such as difficulty eating, unexplained behavioral problems or head tossing, have the horse examined by your veterinarian.

Symptoms and Types
•Difficulty eating/chewing
•Slow eating
•Favoring one side of the mouth when eating
•Loss of appetite
•Excessive salivation
•Quidding (dropping food from mouth due to inability to chew)

Upon inspection of your horse’s mouth, your veterinarian should be able to tell whether or not there is a dental cap issue. Retained deciduous teeth will typically cause recognizable misalignment of the tooth line. Soreness and inflammation may also be apparent upon examination.

There is only one method of treatment for a dental cap, and that is removal of the impacted tooth with dental forceps. Done properly, the temporary tooth is usually easy to remove. This will depend on the severity and complexity of the condition. If your veterinarian is adept with the procedure, this can be done as soon as it can be arranged with your doctor. You may need to consult an equine dentist for treatment.

Living and Management
It may take a couple of days for your horse’s eating habits to get back to normal, as the removal of a tooth is a relatively painful event. However, eating should not be much slower or more painful than it was with the presence of the dental cap, and the condition should quickly improve as the site heals and the permanent tooth fixes itself in the gum line.
Quote 4the day: Life can be unexpected at times but then horses keep you grounded...
Thought 4the day: Nerves.... now these are things that are built in to everyone and anything. They are there for a reason. If we had no nerves and we were bulshy for example when riding accidents would happen. Nerves makes a cautious more understanding rider. Don't confuse nerves with fear as fear is something completely different that would not make a great combination with some horses where as others would support you. Nerves i have seen lately with my youngest daughter after the fear subsided. She has taken on a pony and even with her fear he ignored it. Nerves he understood. Now they fly around as one :o) Nerves are sent to protect us :o)
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