Thought, fact and quote for the day 30/6/12
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Thought, fact and quote for the day 30/6/12

Quote 4the day: Live life to the full... our 4 legged do given half a chance!
Fact 4the day: Skin Infection (boil) in horses
A boil, the result of an infection in the skin, is similar to an abscess. It starts out as a small bump and grows over time to become a larger boil that may seep puss. Eventually, a boil will scab over.
Boils are very painful and can even cause temporary lameness in some horses. It is important to locate and treat boils as soon as possible to pre...vent the spread of infection.

Symptoms and Types
The signs for a boil are fairly easy to recognize and include:
•Lesion(s) on the skin
•A break in the skin
•A small bump or papule
•Edema (or swelling caused by trapped fluid)

An infection of the hair follicle or skin is the primary cause of a boil. However, bacteria such as Staphylococci or poor hygiene habits can also lead to the condition.

A boil is easily diagnosed by a veterinary professional or a person experienced with working with horses. The veterinarian will make a thorough examination of the horse’s coat to check for boils, breaks in the skin, other lesions, or wounds.

Treatment varies on a case-by-case basis, but boils are not usually hard to treat. The veterinarian will likely immerse or wipe the boil with hot water to encourage it to rupture. After it ruptures, antibiotic cream can prevent the spread of infection. If there is more than one boil, the same process will apply to the other boils as well.

Living and Management
Boils are not a life-threatening ailment for horses, but care must be taken to ensure that the lesion heals properly and the skin around it is not affected.
Thought 4the day: Do we ever hear horses complain when life goes really wrong? No they just carry on. They simply take stock and literally plod along. In all the years i have been working with and assisting horses i have never met one depressed horse til jack came along. Horses can suffer from most if not all things we do and feed off of us as well when we are tuned into one another. Jack however ...came in depressed with life and everything in it. It took along time to turn him around. Depression is not just a taboo subject still now adays where as i beleieve its a illness and something people should be able to talk about. Jacks was and still is an illness. Its a subject i know that many feel strong about in many ways good and bad. Jack still suffers when something new happens but his a stronger boy now..
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