Thought, fact and quote for the day 9/7/12
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Thought, fact and quote for the day 9/7/12

Quote 4the day: When life looks dull or glum turn to your horse as they are always a ray of sunshine..
Fact 4the day: Equine coat color genetics determine a horse's coat color. There are many different coat colors possible, but all colors are produced by the action of only a few different genes. The simplest genetic default color of all domesticated horses can be described as either "red" or "non-red", depending on whether a gene known as the "Extension" gene is present . When no other genes are ac...tive, a "red" horse is the color popularly known as a chestnut. Black coat color occurs when the Extension gene is present, but no other genes are acting on coat color.The Agouti gene can be recognized only in "non-red" horses; it determines whether black color is uniform, creating a black horse, or limited to the extremities of the body, creating a bay horse.

Chestnut, black, and bay are considered the three "base" colors that all remaining coat color genes act upon. There are a number of dilution genes that lighten these three colors in a variety of ways, sometimes affecting skin and eyes as well as hair coat. Genes that affect the distribution of white and pigmented coat, skin and eye color create patterns such as roan, pinto, leopard, white, and even white markings. Some of these patterns may be the result of a single gene, others may be influenced by multiple alleles, Finally the gray gene, which acts differently from other coat color genes, slowly lightens any other hair coat color to white over a period of years, without changing skin or eye color.
Thought 4the day: Listening to some young girls yesterday talking about a fear of a certain place to ride when it was with another horse made me realise (even though i know this) that do some people not realise that you transfer that fear to the horse your now riding? If your fearful from a past experiance they will pick up on it and then they become nervous and wonder why, what and where is it your scared of?? Don't carry that fear on your new friend the past is the past and today is the presant and tomorrow the future. Its what horses live by so lets join them. If my daughter was fearful as her accident was severe and i am lucky to still have her here with me she would not now be riding again. Her accident was only about 8 weeks ago too and shes back on and jumping and taking everything in her stride. Lets take her example as shes only 11 :o)
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