Thought, fact and quote for the day 14/7/12
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Thought, fact and quote for the day 14/7/12

Thought 4the day: Life has twists and turns that none of us ever expect. The final part of those twists and turns is finding the right home for the right horse and seeing them loved and happy. The hard part is getting there which is when the twists and turns really do try to take the toll on the horses and those helping them. Some might come in angry at the world others just want to vanish and not... be here. Some are in the middle. Others have medical problems that need assessing and sorting. Failure is not an option. We would bend over backwards to help those here and help them to get to the final stage. The bad part is when they leave i do cry with happiness and saddness at them leaving. Life is here to surprise us and catch us out in other ways too.
Fact 4the day: Hyracotherium ( /ˌhaɪərəkɵˈθɪəriəm/ HY-rək-o-THEER-ee-əm; "hyrax-like beast"), also known as Eohippus or the dawn horse, is an extinct genus of very small (about 60 cm in length) perissodactyl ungulates that lived in the woodlands of the northern hemisphere, with species ranging throughout Asia, Europe, and North America during the early Tertiary Period and the early to mid Eocene E...poch, about 55—45 million years ago with the earliest fossil specimen found at the Tsagan Khushu Quarry 1 site, Mongolia averaging about 60 cm in length and weighing around 15–16 kg (36 lbs). This small, dog-sized animal is the oldest known horse and was once considered to be the earliest known member of Equidae before the type species was reclassified as a palaeothere, of a perissodactyl family related to both horses and brontotheres.
Quote 4the day: Enjoy all you do, sometimes slow things down and take a time out just to watch your horses grace and beauty :o)
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