Thought, fact and quote for the day 28/7/12
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Thought, fact and quote for the day 28/7/12

Thought 4the day: Doing whats best for your four legged friend. In many ways there is many different things we have to consider before we even ride. Bit (which one) or bitless. Saddle (english, wester, dressage, stockmans). Tree or treeless. Shoes or barefoot. The list could go on. When you sit and think about it though each horse needs different things and its getting the balance for each as an i...ndividual that counts and needs at times working with so that harmony is installed. Horses change shape when working so saddles must be checked regularly to enable free movement where needed. Signals can be given by them at times so listen and assist them where needed as thats the balance that will be needed to make things into a great partnership...
Fact 4the day: Rouncey
The term rouncey (also spelt rouncy or rounsey) was used during the Middle Ages to refer to an ordinary, all-purpose horse. They were used for riding, but could also be trained for war. It was not unknown for them to be used as pack horses.

Use in warfare

... While the destrier is the most well-known warhorse of the Medieval era, it was the least common, and coursers were often preferred for hard battles. They were both expensive, highly trained horses prized by knights and nobles, and the poorer knight, squire or man-at-arms would use a rouncey for fighting. A wealthy knight would provide rounceys for his retinue.

Sometimes the expected nature of warfare dictated the choice of horse; when a summons to war was sent out in England, in 1327, it expressly requested rounceys, for swift pursuit, rather than destriers.
Quote 4the day: Let them jump. Let them fly. You'll never know how high they'll go. Ask them nicely to ride along too. Perhaps you might end up being part of their crew. Who knows what they future holds just be bold and go with the flow!
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