Thought, fact and quote for the day 29/7/12
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Thought, fact and quote for the day 29/7/12

Thought 4the day: Not every day is the same out the yard with all we have out there we seem to have a different day each day even though we are mucking our stables etc yet its never the same! Horses make life interesting and worth everything. Jinx had us up for a few nights when unwell but worth every second of it bless her. Each horse at some point likes to throw something at us but all i can say is we are ready! Life is a challenge and its how we handle it as a team that counts and the horses are part of our team :o)
Fact 4the day: The Windsor Grey
The term Windsor Grey is given to grey horses used by the Royalty of the United Kingdom to draw carriages and coaches in various ceremonial processions and, since 1986, when The Queen is Trooping the Colour. They are stabled in the Royal Mews. Some have also represented the crown in various carriage combined driving competitions, at times driven by Prince Phillip, the Duke of Edinburgh.
Quote 4the day: Take the good with the bad and make it into a positive and make the good into an even more productive day :o)
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