Thought, fact and quote for the day 31/7/12
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Thought, fact and quote for the day 31/7/12

Thought 4the day: Sometimes in life you get given advice from all around which is good but sometimes the only advice you need to hear is the things said by your horse/pony. Everyone is of a different opinion on many different subjects and i am afraid that is life as they say. Each to their own. Horses however say it as it is. Henry was uncomfortable wearing his shoes as he was constantly unsound a...nd now with a barefoot trimmer (only seen once so far but shoesless since jan) his walking a little happier! I rested him for 6 months after having his shoes removed and now soon we can go out together again soon. Another example was Jack if we had let him go the two times when he first came in and let him cross the bridge he wouldnt be the horse he is now. His carefree and loving. Yes his stunted in growth and can never be ridden but not every horses purpose in life is to be ridden his here as our mascot and to show that no matter how bad life gets things can turn around. His a constant joy to be around. Listen to your heart and head and above all your horse/pony as the truth always comes from them..
Fact 4the day: A courser is a swift and strong horse, frequently used during the Middle Ages as a warhorse. It was ridden by knights and men-at-arms.

Coursers are commonly believed to be named for their running gait, (from Old French cours, 'to run'.). However, the word possibly derived from the Italian corsiero, meaning 'battle horse'

Coursers in warfare

The courser was more common than the destrier, and preferred for hard battle as they were light, fast and strong. They were valuable horses, but less expensive than the highly-prized destrier. Another horse commonly ridden during war was the rouncey, which was an all-purpose horse
Quote 4the day: Always listen to your heart and horse and not those around you as once connected thats all you need to hear for the truth..
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