Thought, fact and quote for the day 17/8/12 (back after no internet!!)
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Thought, fact and quote for the day 17/8/12 (back after no internet!!)

Thought 4the day: When you sit and watch the horses (when we get 5 mins lol) they all have different personalities, charactors, quirks, abilities and reasons for why their here. I once heard a great man tell people that if you believe your horse can jump or do something then they will. He made a point that if you think your shetland can jump a huge fence then it will! Its true if we will them and assist them the sky is the limit but if we doubt them and ask can they or are we sure or even no i might get hurt they could never possibly then we will fail. Faith, love, a friend, understanding and an equal partnership is one huge link in the chain of being one. Listen, learn and believe in your friends...
Fact 4the day: Horses are ridden and driven in actual parades in many different ways. However, a Parade horse refers specifically to a type of horse attired in elaborate, specialized equipment that is more often seen today in specialized competitions and exhibitions than in parades.

The "Parade horse" class is a form of competition seen at horse shows and festivals in the United States and Canad...
a where the horse is attired in elaborate forms of western-style equipment, adorned heavily with silver, and the rider is dressed in brightly colored, elaborately decorated western wear. The hooves of the horse are often covered in sequins and brightly colored ribbons may be added to the mane and tail.

Horses are shown at a walk and a type of slow trot called a "Parade gait." High-stepping gaits and good manners are emphasized.

The equipment worn by the horse includes a western saddle, usually of black leather, that has extensive silver decoration, exaggerated features such as long tapaderos on the stirrups, flank trappings, with a heavily decorated breast collar added to the front. The bridle is also heavily decorated with silver, and, unlike most western-style bridles, has a noseband.

This type of competition is seen primarily in American Saddlebred and Morgan horse competition. However, this type of attire is occasionally still seen on horses ridden in real parades, particularly major events in the southwestern United States, where there is still a strong Spanish cultural tradition, such as the Tournament of Roses Parade.

The Hawaiian culture also has a tradition of using elaborately decorated horses and riders in parades and festivals riders in this tradition are known as "Pāʻū riders". This tradition involves the decoration of the horse and rider in flowing garments and Leis and utilizes a great variety of flowers to decorate the animal and rider. The dominant color of the Pāʻū Rider is determined by which island they are from.
Quote 4the day: They come and go but would they choose to not go but stay? Have you ever asked them? Have you asked why they have quirks not bad behaviour? Could it be a self defence mechanism....... time.... is a healer.....
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